Scotland is one the finest mountain biking areas in the entire world.

Arguably the best of it lies in the Highlands of Scotland.

Always ensure that you are adequately trained and equipped to ride the trails you have chosen.

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   Glenlivet Mountain Bike Trails  (Red =22Km)

The latest addition to the Scottish Highland trail centres opening in November 2013.

It offers riding for any level and has some amazing scenery if you’ve got time to admire it as you hurtle down the 6 km red descent.

All the trail is man made graded track with Black graded sections for the more advanced riders on the upper red. These can be bypassed on purpose built track for those who do not feel they are ready for them.

There is a charge for parking but at a maximum of £3 for all day no one will argue that the trail set doesn’t offer exceptional value for money.

To cap it all there is a fantastic cafe to fuel up before and after the ride.